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About the Foundation

About the Foundation

The Rochester Chamber Foundation was organized and incorporated in March 1990. The Foundation supports the educational and workforce development efforts of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, including:


Our Mission: To support and advance the charitable interests of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce through education and workforce development initiatives

Our Why: A local, self-sustaining economy that competes globally starts with partnerships between business and educational communities. Together, we produce independent, confident and creative thinkers who adapt and discern in a fast-paced, changing world.

How do we do this?

• By staying informed and connected to key issues that affect your access to a globally competitive workforce

• By developing strategic partnerships and initiatives with schools, businesses, community leaders and other supporters

Why should you care?

Our ability to prepare, attract and retain a globally competitive workforce is vital to your business and our community prosperity.

Key Facts:

• More than two-thirds of new jobs created between now and 2018 and high-growth jobs in demand will require some education beyond high school. (Help

Wanted: Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce)

• Eliminating the need for remedial education among new college students would save MN $89 million annually. (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2010)

• More than 36,000 new jobs are expected to be created in STEM fields between 2006 and 2016. Additionally, STEM occupations will require more than 50,000 new workforce entrants to replace people who will retire or otherwise leave theiroccupation in the next 10 years. (DEED Labor Market – MN)

How can you be involved?

• VOLUNTEER or participate in an education or workforce development program

• ADVOCATE for our initiatives at your workplace and in the community

• INVEST an individual gift or sponsorship donation* from your business

Classroom Connections

In an effort to ensure that education and workforce development initiatives are aligned with workforce needs, the Chamber plays a  vital role in connecting leaders in education and Chamber members.  Through our work, members are able to provide input to learning that happens in K-12 and higher education, engage in opportunities to articulate their workforce needs, and provide field opportunities to bring the relevancy of learning full circle for regional students.