• Testimonials


    "In addition to relying on the Chamber to develop a position on public policy, we have utilized the education and training provided by the Chamber. We also make use of our membership to improve our name recognition in the region, thereby helping us to attract a good, solid, high-potential workforce from within the community, which is imperative in today's competitive marketplace."

    Lance Fleming
    President, Crenlo, Inc.


    "I cannot thank the Chamber enough for all of their assistance in making sure our new building is up and running on schedule. Unfortunately, we had many permitting and phone hook up delays during the building process. Through the Chamber's connections, our new location opened on time. Without the Chamber's influence, our building would not be ready for our busy spring season. Investment in the Chamber has definitely paid off for us!"

    Margaret Hinz, Co-Owner
    Family Tree Landscaping Nursery, Inc.

    "Without the Chamber's assistance, Nigon Woodworks would be searching for a new location - one outside of Rochester. In the short time that I have been a member, the Chamber has saved me $58,000 and has allowed me to move forward with the building addition."

    Daryl Nigon, Owner
    Nigon Woodworks

    "Our membership provides great exposure in the community and access to networking opportunities with other local businesses. It has been a terrific investment for business development and future growth potential. It has influenced other business leaders to look positively at our company."

    Tom DeVinny, Vice President
    Arnold's Supply & Kleenit Company

    "Joining the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce was the first turning point for our business. The second turning point came in realizing that just being a Chamber member wasn't enough, and we started getting involved. It wasn't until we began to get involved that we came to realize the enormous benefit of Chamber membership."

    Alan De Keyrel, President
    Corporate Web Services

    "Our Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce membership has given Venture Computer Systems value that cannot be measured in dollars. Much of our success is due to our membership."

    Jon Eckhoff, Owner,
    + Venture Computer Systems