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  • LEADERSHIP GREATER ROCHESTER is a ten-month, immersive leadership development program offered by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce. The program’s mission is to develop and advance leaders through participation in personal, professional, and community activities designed to encourage individual responsibility for taking an active leadership role in the future vitality of the Greater Rochester area. Leadership Greater Rochester welcomes participants from various industries and organizations to take part in ten educational sessions over the course of the program:

    • LEARN - Activating Leaders: LGR Orientation
    • ENGAGE - Leadership Retreat
    • DISCOVER - Exploring Our Economic Ecosystem
    • DEVELOP - Workforce & Talent
    • CREATE - Community Impact Proposals
    • EXPLORE - Humanities in Our Community
    • TRANSFORM - Building a Sustainable Community
    • ADVOCATE - Engaging with Local Government
    • INVESTIGATE - Experiencing Public Safety
    • ADVANCE - Launching Leaders: LGR Graduation

    By the end of the program, Leadership Greater Rochester participants will be able to:
    Apply personal strengths to build leadership capabilities and capacity.

    Build and leverage relationships to enhance access to more professional resources.

    Assess, understand, and respond effectively to a community need.

  • Benefits to Program Participation Benefits to Program Participation


    Through 80 true class hours and approximately 60 additional hours in project time, LGR provides:

    •        Sessions conducted and facilitated by local experts and community leaders 
    •        Access to LGR alumni eager to connect participants to their expertise, network, and community involvement
    •        Personal Development Planning
    •        Requirement to attend a local organization board meeting and complete a Board Observation Report
    •        Clifton Strengths coaching by Flourish Consulting
    •        Attendance of Chamber of Commerce networking events to grow professional role in the community
    •        Both overnight and single day retreats to Camp Victory
    •        Collaborative leadership development through Community Impact Project process.
  • LGR Alumni Say... LGR Alumni Say...


    “Leadership Greater Rochester has been the most impactful experience not only for my career, but also for my personal life. It enlightened me to the needs and the opportunities in our community for people to be actively engaged, and gave me a resource to do so. It also provided the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the Rochester area and form professional relationships, as well as personal friendships. Lastly, through LGR I gained a comprehensive definition of leadership, learned the traits of a good leader, and learned more about myself in a leadership role.”

    -Alyssa Fordham-Vagt, LGR Class of 2016


    “My expectations going into LGR were very high, but I could not have imagined how amazing it would be. In what other development endeavor can you meet with community and legislative leaders, climb a fire ladder, and visit a dairy farm, the state capitol, and a water reclamation plant, all while exploring your own personal development and role as a community leader! Leadership Greater Rochester provided such an incredible opportunity to build personal and professional connections and develop a deep and meaningful understanding of our community and my place in it.”

    -Alaine Westra, Mayo Clinic, LGR Class of 2010


    “Through unique and thought-provoking experiences, Leadership Greater Rochester offers its members a tremendous opportunity to learn more about themselves, others, and their community.  As someone who was new to Rochester, LGR was a fantastic networking opportunity, as well as a chance to experience first-hand what makes Rochester and this region a phenomenal place to live, work, and play.”   

    -Nate Stoltman, Rochester Community and Technical College, LGR Class of 2016


    “LGR helped me refocus some of my goals and empowered me to improve my environment at work. It also made me aware of so many more opportunities to connect to my community on a professional level and on a personal level. I better understand my thought process and communication preferences, which has helped me to communicate more effectively with my colleagues.” - LGR Class of 2013 Alum


    “Just being in the same room with so many leaders brings a different perspective to your own leadership qualities and characteristics.” - LGR Class of 2014 Alum


    “The experience was frustrating, amazing, eye opening, unpredictable, and one of the best things I have done!” - LGR Class of 2017 Alum

  • Community Impact Projects Community Impact Projects

    2018 - BE THE BRIDGE



    "Always wanted to have a block party for your neighborhood but it seemed like too much work to pull of the necessary items together to pull one off? Thanks to the Chamber's Leadership Greater Rochester class of 2017 and partnership between Parks and Rec and RNeighbors you can utilize an entire trailer full of what you need for a successful neighborhood bash free of charge. All you need to provide is your neighbors.The Building Blocks Neighborhood Block Party Trailer is a means to inspire neighbors to gather in places where they live and it provides all the tools necessary to hold a neighborhood gathering."

    Additional Resources:


    The LGR class of 2016 took on the role of volunteer consultants for Rochester Parks and Recreation, “to identify paths to activate and utilize the old Fire Station No. 2 on Silver Lake as a multi-use space for health and wellness.” The class set three principal deliverables for the project including a building plan, site beautification, and a business plan. Over the course of the project they collected community input and raised funds for the site beautification efforts through various community awareness efforts. Ultimately, the class developed and presented a full plan detailing the space’s potential and an executable, go-forward strategy to Rochester Parks and Recreation. For more information visit the links below, and the class-developed website at http://www.silverlakestation.com/.

    Additional Resources:



    "Did you know the mere presence of books in the home profoundly impacts a child’s academic achievement? Increasing a child’s access to books has been proven to result in improved reading performance, an increase in reading frequency, and improved attitudes toward reading and learning.” The LGR Class of 2015 developed the Rochester Mini Library Program to “promote literacy and learning through a self-sustaining mini library network in Rochester neighborhoods,” with the vision of growing proficient and avid readers in Rochester.

    In the summer of 2015, the class built and installed 40 mini libraries throughout Rochester neighborhoods to provide barrier-free access to books for children and families within walking distance of their home. The class notes, “A focus of the program is on enriching youth who are not currently reached by the Rochester Public Library’s services due to geographic, language or financial barriers.”

    Additional Resources:

    2014 - CENTRAL PARK

    The Leadership Greater Rochester class of 2014 devoted their Community Impact Project to plans to revitalize Central Park, the Rochester community’s first public park. The class’s efforts to revitalize Central Park included enhancing and beautifying the urban green space and historical landmark for community members who use the park today and those who will enjoy the park in the future. The class held a fundraising event, “People in Central Park,” for community members to enjoy an afternoon of outdoor activities in the park and hear about the class’s plans to bring new life to Rochester’s oldest park. For more information on the project visit the links below.

    Additional Resources:


    “The goal of The Kitchen at Channel One is to create a healthier community by providing sustaining education, skills and local resources to empower families to make smart nutritional choices. Tackling this feat requires a unique approach to prevention of chronic disease by moving upstream to curtail disease before it starts.” To meet these ends, The Kitchen offers community-based hands-on cooking and healthy eating classes, and a variety of life skill seminars, such as financial management and workforce preparation.

    Additional Resources:


    The Golden Hill Outdoor Learning Environment was the community impact project of the LGR class of 2012, with the focus of expanding the Garden Project at Golden Hill Alternative Learning Center, a school that serves at risk youth. Class efforts for the project raised nearly $60,000 to go toward development of an apple orchard, a hoop house, a rain garden, a compost area, and expanded garden. The class noted that, “Golden Hill ALC is on the cutting edge of the movement to create sustainable agriculture within community schools while enhancing student education.”

    Additional Resources:

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    Application Deadline
    May 3, 2019

    June 10 - 21

    June 26

    $1,850 for Chamber Members

    $2,300 for Non-members

    Tuition Due Date 
    Tuition will be billed upon acceptance into the program.

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     alumni across 32 years

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    More than 40 alumni volunteers

     alumni volunteer hours given back annually

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    -LGR Alum

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  • For more information about Leadership Greater Rochesterplease contact Workforce Development Manager, Sam Gill, or call (507) 424-5687.