• Mentorship

    Women in Leadership and Development presents WILD Mentorship, a learning series centralized on mentorship.

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  • 2017 Mentorship Programming 2017 Mentorship Programming

    WILD Mentorship 2017 Theme: Discover

    Join us for interactive sessions and give input and learn from others, and then speed network to meet others and share what you have to offer.

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  • 2016 Mentorship Programming 2016 Mentorship Programming

    This interactive session discussed the how to’s for a successful mentor/mentee relationship. Input was given and attendees learned from others who have been either mentors or mentees. Four groups broke out to brainstorm and share on topics of work-life balance, getting your voice heard, building relationships with other women, and finding a connection with a mentor/mentee.

    Resources from this event:
    WILD Mentorship Workshop and Resource Notes