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Public Affairs & Advocacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a myriad of challenges for business owners throughout our community. During this unprecedented time of disruption, the Chamber has been advocating on all levels of government - local, state, and federal - to help reduce the cost of doing business as we move into the reopening and recovery of our economy.

Public Affairs Strategic Objectives

The Chamber has identified four key areas of focus for its Public Affairs activities in 2020. Combined, these areas have a significant impact on small businesses and their ability to be sustainable and successful. The five areas are:

1. Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

2. Strengthen Workforce Supply & Development

3. Promote Small Business Growth

4. Reduce the Impact of Public Works Construction Projects on Small Business

5. Promote Energy Cost Savings and Sustainability


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The Chamber offers an array of Public Affairs programs that provide helpful information, valuable networking, and unique engagement opportunities. From Eggs and Issues to Community Matters, we are continually striving to deliver the highest-quality programming that meets your business needs.

Community Matters

Economic Summit & Forecast

Eggs and Issues

Legislative Preview & Recap


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