• Workforce Testimonials

  • Workforce 2020
    Community Testimonial: “I am pleased to remain actively involved in the Rochester Chamber Foundation’s initiative Workforce 2020. It is an issue which will have a lasting impact on our community. In keeping with the Chamber’s mission and historic precedence, the Chamber’s leadership fosters an inclusive table that balances broad based discussion of the issues with proposed solutions.” - Karel Weigel
    Business Testimonial: “The students in my class were very attentive and engaged in the book and discussions.  I believe that one of the key components of the program was that the students could keep the book.  They were very excited about that.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this program!” – Business Participant in I Know I Can Readings, Think Mutual Bank
    Middle School Student Testimonial: "It makes class more interesting; it's something different. Now we know what we have to do to get good jobs."
    Middle School Teacher Testimonial: “We have been using the program this year and it speaks to competition in the job market and pushes students to enroll in tougher math and science classes. The business community traditionally doesn't take such a direct role in education. They are the people (students) will be applying to for jobs. That really hit home to a lot of (students)."
    Educator Testimonial: “Hands-on activities are great! Students seemed really engaged.”-2010 STEM Summit Educator attendee
    Business Testimonial: “If Mayo Clinic is to continue its high standard of care, we must continue to innovate. Innovation comes from creative minds; creative minds that are focused on science, technology, engineering and math. The development of those creative minds needs to start early and the STEM Summit is one avenue available to reach those young minds and jump start the creative thinking.” –Guy Finne, Recruitment Advisor, Mayo Clinic.
    Educators in the Workplace Institute
    Educator Testimonial:  “I would recommend that all teaching staff enroll in this course to know what employers are wanting in their workforce.” – 2010 attendee. 
    Business Testimonial:Courtesy Corporation McDonald’s is proud to have partnered with Educators in the Workplace Institute for over 5 years.  As an employer of many young people, we feel we have a responsibility and obligation to provide employment that enhances education.  We are committed to teaching transferable job skills and partnering with educators to produce quality, well trained employees for the future.  Thank you to EIWI for allowing us to share our story and bringing educators and businesses together.” -Jennifer Muñoz, Assistant Human Resources Manager, Courtesy Corporation McDonald’s
    Leadership Greater Rochester

    Testimonial: “I believe strongly in the value the LGR program provides. Not only is it a great way to network with other business leaders and a great learning opportunity, but it also is a way to give back to the community through the team projects.  We try to have someone from our organization involved with LGR every year.” – Jeff Jensen, Express Employment Professionals