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2023 Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Agenda

To assist with advocacy efforts, the Chamber engaged with the business community and our community partners in the Rochester region to develop the priorities in the 2023 legislative agenda. This agenda functions as a guiding document for the organization through the current legislative session.

As a complimentary piece to the development of the legislative agenda, the Chamber is actively monitoring relevant legislation that could have a potential impact on the business community. Examples of this include

  • HF31/SF25, which reduces taxes on monies received from federal acts during COVID. This bill passed with broad support and was the first bill signed into law of the session, a win for the business community.
  • HF2/SF2, which establishes mandated paid family and medical leave of up to 24 weeks total. All businesses would be required to participate regardless of their size. Funding for this program would come from a .7% increase to the payroll tax. While not opposed to the idea, the Chamber opposes the legislation as it currently stands. The legislation must be amended to accommodate the concerns of the business community.

We’re proud to reveal the Chamber’s 2023 Legislative Agenda which will guide our advocacy efforts throughout the year.

2023 Legislative Agenda - Web
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